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Auburn Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

Educating students at Auburn Elementary School is a collaborative effort involving the student, the teacher and the parents working together to achieve high student performance. Parents can participate in their child’s education and receive information in the following ways:

  1. Open parent meetings will be held monthly on the last Thursday of every month. The Title 1 objectives will be explained, and the previous year’s student performance shared during the November or December meeting. Specific information on individual student performance will be shared at the parent conferences in November. The January or February meeting will solicit parent feedback about the Parent Involvement Policy, the Parent Compact and the evaluation of parent involvement activities.
  2. Parents will be notified of their children’s academic progress through:
    • progress reports (November, March, June);
    • Parent Conferences (November, March);
    • and informal contacts throughout the year as needed.
  3. Parents will receive student’s individual assessment results, and the interpretation of those results, through a district mailing by June 30.
  4. A description of grade-level expectations and curriculum standards will be presented to parents in the fall.
  5. By November 30, a School-Parent Compact will be signed for each Auburn Elementary School student. This compact specifies the means by which the school and the parent will build and sustain a partnership to help the student achieve high academic standards.
  6. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom or special events. Parents can even help from home by preparing instructional materials or in other ways. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher or the office for volunteer opportunities.
  7.  Information regarding the school and activities will be sent home the by teachers and newsletter sent home several times during the school year.