Hello Auburn Families,

This week we asked experts from our Transportation Department, Safety Department, and Marion County to observe our dismissal procedures in the new parking lot. That team has recommended the following changes which we will take effect on Monday the 18th of October.

  • Form two lines of cars like we do at arrival time so that fewer cars are stuck on Auburn Rd., trying to turn in
    • Pull all the way up to the end of the yellow curb
    • Wait until cars are loaded before you drive away so that we know people will not be hit by moving cars
  • Make the parking lot exit a right turn only so that traffic congestion is eased
    • This will mean a route change for many of you, but our team of experts feels strongly that this will make the parking lot exit safer for everyone
    • We will also be using a right turn only out of the lot at arrival time

Another way you can help is by staying inside your car whether you are in the parking lot line or in the bike lane waiting to get into the parking lot. If you would like to park and walk up to the building, please do not use the bike lane for parking.

There have been several instances of drivers yelling at staff members, particularly at arrival time. Please understand that our staff is doing the very best they can to keep ALL students safe in the parking lot, even when it is raining and cold. Our staff cannot control the choices other drivers make and we thank you for your patience if you have to wait a little longer while we ensure all students are out of harm’s way before we start moving cars. Please be mindful of the energy you bring into our arrival and dismissal space and help model the ASTRO Way for our students.

A: Aware of others
S: Safe
T: Trustworthy
R: Responsible
O: On task

Thank you for your help and support